About Prime Sparks

Experienced, highly-qualified and expert electrician
based in Eastbourne.

The Founder

Roger Prime

Roger is an experienced, highly-qualified and expert electrician who is passionate about his job. After  completing an apprenticeship for a local family-run electrical company in Sussex, he was one of the  few apprentices who showed enough promise and skill to be asked to stay on as a full-time  employee. Keen to improve his skill set and further his career, Roger accepted the offer and ended up staying on as a full-time employee for 15 years.

"We use Roger @ Prime Sparks for many of our managed properties, he is always prompt, efficient and never lets us down!"

Mason Bryant

How it all began

Going Solo


After 15 years, Roger decided it was time to take a break and see a bit of the world, so he took some well-deserved time off to go travelling. When he came back he was ready to go solo, so Roger set up his own company, Prime Sparks, and he hasn’t looked back since.

During his career Roger has gained valuable experience of working on a variety of domestic commercial and small industrial installations. All of this experience has enabled him to understand  the true value of customer care and attention to detail which he now applies to Prime Sparks.

Even though regulations are constantly changing, Roger ensures that his professional standards and  qualifications are always up to date, and he is passionate about the quality of his work and the service he provides. Roger understands that customer relationships are very important as well as value for money and offering a reliable and efficient service.

By applying his finely-tuned electrical knowledge and exemplary customer service skills Roger has built a successful business and a loyal customer base. This is clear from how many former customers recommend Prime Sparks to their friends and family and businesses looking for electrical work to be completed by a trusted electrician. See what Roger’s customers say about him on the Testimonials page .